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    FiveM FX Server Framework V2

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    About FiveM FX Server Framework V2

    Character Creation, This framework allows you to make your character's name, DOB, and department. This will save to the database and will work with the server chat. The server chat is integrated within the framework.
    Spawn Location, The framework offers unique spawn points for each department. All main stations for SAHP, BCSO, LSPD, LSFD. Civilian spawn points in LS, Sandy, and Paleto Bay.
    Chat integration, This framework works with the chat system, This will change your name & department across the chat displaying a message in the following format (Name)Dept)(ID) - Ex. Mike Smith (SAHP)(#23) Hey!
    Twotter Permissions, The framework has an integrated Twitter permission setup, Only members who are active as "CIV" or "SAFD" will be able to use the Twotter system, anyone else will be shown an access denied message.
    System-Wide Dark-Mode, This framework is now using a system-wide dark theme, All of the menus and forms within this menu have a dark background.
    Background Customization, This framework allows for a custom background image & smooth GTA like moving in between spawning characters & teleporting to locations.
    ID Command, This framework includes multiple commands, One being /ID, This shows a message in chat to players nearby with your name (ID).
    Overview Video - Link

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