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Registration Terms


Updated: 04/16/2021


Agreeing to the Terms of Use,


Please read the following Terms and Conditions before purchasing any assets produced and sold by Redrum.


By purchasing any goods you are automatically agreeing to be bound by these terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you will not be permitted to purchase any products. Failure to comply with these terms will revoke your rights to use any products purchased. We currently only accept payments through stripe. All digital goods are non-refundable. If any dispute or chargeback is requested it will be met with a direct ban and refusal to use any products purchased in said disputed order along with the IP lock being removed from your product, This will not allow you to use the product any further.


IP Locking, Our IP lock system works directly with a designated IPV4. Keep in mind some hosts do not provide these, While cutting costs to keep a cheaper price, Our scripts will not work on these vps / hosting companies. Our scripts are guaranteed to work on Statewide Hosting™ Windows VPS , Outside of this most hosting services work however, we cannot guarantee any script will work, We cannot provide refunds for this. ZAP, Storm and Silver hosting will not work with our system, If you have these hosts our IP Locked scripts will not work, We will not give a refund for any script or asset purchased.


Discord, Being is our discord is a privilege, after purchase we provide a customer role, The role is also a privilege and can be taken at any point in time without a reason given.




Terms of Use for Purchased Products

When purchasing any product from Redrum Modifications you are only purchasing the permission to use files for the proper designated and allowed uses set forth by these terms. It is

not a transfer of ownership of the rights of the models.

Prohibited Use of Assets, Under these terms of use you may not:


● Redistribute any products purchased, Our products must only be used once on the server IP provided.

● Resell any products purchased

● Rip or claim assets as your own

● Transfer the rights of any asset to another party without express permission




Important Information

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